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buccula 1.0

buccula 1.0 is here to embrace your charming double chin.

we believe double chins are natural, funky, fun

and we should all be proud of them!

...but we also understand there might be days when you get tired of proudly showing your wonderful double chin. no worries, it’s totally understandable! We are here to help you out!

buccula 1.0 is jewellery made for the chins.

it hides your double chin on the days when you are feeling down. this product is both playful and fashionable. it cheers you up and restores your


the idea of the work buccula 1.0 was to work with the double chin, which is generally understood as an unwanted body part. during the times when we are more focused on our appealing appearance, companies are constantly trying to find new ways to earn money from people’s growing insecurities. when creating a new so-called product to the market to tackle the mentioned issue, I wanted to send a positive and encouraging message: double chins are okay, and it’s okay when you do not enjoy yours daily, too.

tutors: lenka klodová, karolina kohoutková


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