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piece no 1


in Brno, FAVU


Working with the idea of female urination, mainly with the social aspect of the topic, but also with the ethical and hygienic side of it. Despite our society being more open, in many societies and social classes even talking about urination is seen as a social transgression. This project works as a gesture: through the joy of proud female urination, it draws attention to the wider topic, mostly gender inequality through the lens of access to basic sanitation. 


The work process included background research about urination, urination in art history, and facilities for males and females in public space and the consequences of this inequality. The process also included observation of public space. I worked on the topic using several different mediums before settling on the final outcome. Those mediums included photography, audio recordings and composing video, and varieties of public performances.

The reason for settling on the current version is to make it as pure as possible. The sound of female urination, the sound which is usually hidden, is now interfering with the space and dominating it. This project does not want to attack, but rather to share the joy. 

Tutor: Lenka Klodova

script for the piss piece no 1

-performer (she) is standing in the gallery

-she connects the microphone to the speaker

-she puts the microphone outside through a gallery window 

-she walks out of the gallery, the audience stays still (maybe)

-she pees outside and transfers the sound through the microphone to the gallery

-she walks back in and disconnects the microphone from the speaker


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