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A/W 2020​


in Galerie Umakart, curator: Karolina Kohoutková


“We, as everyday dressers, are also authors of fashion“

(Romano, 2020).

Designer window displays are all about gaze. They restrict and separate. They divide public
and private spaces. They center around visual spectacle, craftsmanship, and the name of the glorified designer. Those displays, make us,  everyday dressers, onlookers. You can admireand desire, but you rarely are able to be part of it.

Fashion is all around us. Unsurprisingly, most of the time it is not all about glam, high heels, and diet. Fashion is also when you feel like shit and wish to wear your old black hoodie. As well as, when you decide to spice it up with your favorite skirt. Those little day-to-day moments of styling garments from numerous sources produce your clothed identity.

A/W 2020 states that everyone, who passes by Lidická 40, should deserve their own window
display. Or at least a minute of being praised while walking on a catwalk.


Romano, A., ‘Whose Streets?,’ Vestoj, 2020.


Galerie Umakart:

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