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after party

costumes for the performance

in collaboration with Karl Joonas Alamaa and Andreas Kübar


A photo reportage of the costumes made for Henri Hütt's and Kiwa’s performance at the KUMU Rave 2022. The animal-like costumes a reflection on rave culture, mixed with friendly absurdity and a sense of irony. The After Party photo series has been completed after the performance, presenting the garment after its original purpose, in which the change of the costume through the performative activity is depicted as the final result.


The three have combined playful and theatrical elements of the costume with the liberating nature of the rave culture. Distant coolness is replaced with sharp playfulness. The very nature of the performance was an obscure and surrealist pillow fight choreographed by Henri Hütt, which created an atmosphere of discordant energy.

No animals were harmed.


Kumu Rave took place on 19.08. Pictures were taken on the grounds of Kumu. The Kumu Art Museum is an art museum in Tallinn, Estonia. It is one of the largest museums in Estonia and one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe

Model: Loora Kaubi

Photos: Elo Vahtrik

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