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Lucky Charm

costume design for Karolin Poska's perfomance

premiere on April 10 at Kanuti Gildi Saal 


Cn her new performance Karolin Poska is a self-proclaimed anthropologist who investigates the world around her and her own hunger for supernatural forces. Life can be quite terrifying and people would do anything to avoid hidden threats. Do crystals help to take care of the family's health, an astrologer to reveal self-image, tarot cards to warn about the future, does getting out of bed with the right foot manifest a better day or knocking three times on the wood create an apparent sense of security?

Choreographer: Karolin Poska
Performers: Sveta Grigorjeva, Shion Yokoo-Ruttas, Karolin Poska

Sound artist: Katrin Enni
Dramaturg: Maret Tamme
Lighting designer: Karolin Tamm

Photographer: Alana Proosa 

More information about the performance:

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