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Seamless January 10

public space action 

in collaboration with Karl Joonas Alamaa


The rainbow flag, 23x13m in size, weighing around 68 kilograms is handsewn together from several different fabric scraps. The work and the action symbolizes the image of a society where no one is left out. The whole does not have to be pretty, but above all the parts of it have to stay together, complement and support each other. In Estonia, the same-sex marriage is still not legal, however majority of the people support equal right to marry. The flag was unveiled with a crowd on January 10, 2022 on Teatri Square. The cooperation of people was an important part of the idea of the work, adding symbolic power and contribution of real people. The demonstration was part of the exhibition "See on fucked" (“It is fucked”) which was about the bullying of LGBT+ schoolchildren in Estonia.'





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