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tense -> RELIEF

cotton fabric, wood

interactive installation

in Kumasi, Ghana, 2020


This collaborative work is a result of the "Color and Light" workshop that took place in Ghana, in cooperation with Design School Kolding, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Estonian Academy of Arts. The purpose of this course was to give the knowledge of the meaning and the complexity of design via characteristics of light and color. Additionally to familiarize students ith the additive color system as well as the influence of light on color, material and form. The workshop lasted one month, during which different people, backgrounds, mediums, and cultures met. The focus of the project was on the process and not on the result.  


Our project started with an idea of home feeling, how does the meaning change depending on the culture, and what does it exactly mean to us. We were trying to find something that could be universal. As we digged deeper with the topic we translated the meaning of the home feeling to a contrasting words: relief and tension. In order to experience relief, you have to feel the tension. We worked with shadows, contrasts and form to created a space where it is possible to feel relief from tension through changes in the environment of colour and light.

​​The materials for the installation were old bedsheets haggled from the one of the biggest markets in Africa and leftover wood. The installation was created in collaboration with Courage Amegatsey Dzidefo, Michael Martey, Mcmillion Morfo Agyapong, Ohemeng Maame Adjoa and Eva Dupont


Supervisors: Piret Puppart, Kwaku Boafo Kissiedu, Thomas Zindorff Lagoni, Helene Jensen

A diary from my time in Kumasi is available here (only in Estonian):

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