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Energy: Yes! 

a course for 1st year BA fashion and accessory students in Estonian Academy of Arts

in collaboration with Karl Joonas Alamaa

fall semester of the academic year 2022/23

The course is an experiment, trial and research. The course allows the students to prepare a collective clothing related conceptual work that is not limited by any theme or approach. Fashion can often start from the physical body. Body is almost always present, when creating clothes but also when making a decision to wear something. However, the “body” can also be an abstract form or a meaning. Fashion and costume design can therefore be considered both bodily and also instinctively as the closest cultural form to a human: clothes are both physically and mentally related to people everyday and people are part of the society. The question arises: who and what is the body?


Based on the bodily presence, we move from our own body to a larger societal body in the course. The aim is to arouse interest in societal processes and guide the student to position themselves in society. The creative process is enriched by lectures that provide theory and an overview of various different approaches. The practical part of the course includes creating a collective conceptual work. The work(s) would be shown during a public presentation in an unknown form. The format is developed during a collective working process, based on the directions of the participating students.


In the picture:on the first day of the course we asked the students to dress-up. Together with the students we created this humorous and lovely-yet-ironical class picture.



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