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Identity Cabaret - Drag Show vol. 2

costume design

in Sakala 3 performing arts theatre


Identity Cabaret - Drag Show vol.2 is a show created in cooperation between students of Estonian Academy of Music & Theatre and Estonian Academy of Arts. Based on the characters created in collaboration with the performers from the department of Contemporary Physical Performance.

Concept no. 1: Mme Motherfucking Deficit

A combination of punk, drug addiction and Marie Antoinette.

Performer: Keithy Kuuspu

Makeup artist: Britta Mai Martin


Concept no.2: Ziggy Jones

Inspired by David Bowie and Grace Jones. The character is confused by his/her sex.

Performer: Iveta Pole

Makeup artist: Madli Maasikas 

Concept no. 3: Tekla Tight

Heartbroken religious shemale Madonna. 

Performer: Martina Georgina

Costume: in collaboration with Mari Lemet

Makeuo: Kerli Soans 


Tutor: Gerly Tinn

Photos: Lisette Sivard, Robin Roots

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