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fashion show for the kids

workshops and a sustainable fashion show in the kindergarten



The aim of the workshop is to bring fashion and costume art closer to children by allowing them to go through the entire process by themselves. Sustainability plays an important role in the project in order to raise an awareness and seek for the solutions from a young age.


The project takes place throughout March 2023 and consists three parts. In the first part, an introduction to the colourful and broad world of fashion and costume was given: from sketches to the process making of clothes, and finishing up with the examples of mass production and textile waste. Thereupon, together with the children, their own desired designs for their were made. No creative boundaries were set. In the second part of the project the designs of the costumes will be executed with an assistance from the teachers and parents. Costumes have to be done from recycled and leftover materials, as the theme of the fashion show is sustainability. The last part of the project is the kindergarten's own personal fashion show, where all the costumes made are presented and shown on the catwalk by their authors.

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